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Voltage Dip Proofing Inverter - DPI


Although the reliability of power to industry is high, momentary power interruptions and voltage sags still occur. These may be caused naturally, by lightning strikes, snow storms and overgrown vegetation or artificially, by heavy load switching, short circuits and automatic re-closures.

As these interruptions are generally less than one second in duration, most industrial installations and plants are able to ride through such power dips by virtue of their electrical and mechanical inertia. This is not the case with electrically held-in contactors and relays that control the machinery. These usually drop out after a few milliseconds, and as a result, the plant or process has to be restarted.

The VOLTAGE DIP-PROOFING INVERTER™ (DPI) offers a maintenance-free solution to facilities that suffer from costly and inconvenient disruption of critical production processes. The DPI maintains AC control voltage to switchboards and motor control centres during momentary power dips and voltage sags by supplying standby power to such items as contactors, relays, PLCs, and other sensitive devices.
  • No batteries; therefore, no replacement and maintenance costs or hazardous waste.

  • More reliable; fast (<700µS) transfer, off-line system develops little heat & fails to safety.

  • Able to withstand high inrush currents; no need to oversize as with UPS's & CVT's.

  • Lightweight, small & easy to retrofit; no step-up transformers or batteries.

  • Accurate application control; adjustable ride through time & variable transfer level.

  • Designed for inductive and low power factor loads.

Losses incurred by these power quality problems far outweigh the cost of installing the DPI and investment payback is achieved in a relatively short period of time. It is designed specifically for use in industrial and commercial environments and unlike other equipment, offers a preventative rather than curative solution.

For more information on the DPI Product Range see our Dip Proofing Inverter catalogue.

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