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Electronic Smart Meter -EDMI Meter

The Power Quality a range of electronic smart meters to suite all sectors of the Energy Utility Industry.

Common features of our meters :-

All EDMI meters are certified to IEC standards. EDMI meters are also tested to market specific standards ensuring compliance throughout the world.

Firmware and Software capabilities

EDMI meters are powered by the latest microprocessor and digital signal processing technology. EDMI is responsible for the design and implementation of all meter firmware code. This allows our engineers to add functionality into EDMI meters traditionally not seen in tariff metering products. EDMI's range of Mk6 meters support Extensions, add on programs that can be uploaded into the meter to provide even more functionality.

All EDMI meters are provided with our EziView software suite. EziView runs on Windows based PC's and provides meter users with a method of setting up and configuring EDMI meters. EziView also enables users to download historical data or view real-time measurements and status information.

Communication capabilities

EDMI meters feature a range of communication capabilities including RS 232, RS 485, TCP/IP, ANSI optical, FLAG™ IEC 1107, MODBUS, DNP3, IEC870-5-102, radio, fibre optic and GSM/GPRS/CDMA. This communications flexibility is integral to EDMI's advanced Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems.

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