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Voltage Sag Detection Relay - VSDR

VSDR is one of the most comprehensive voltage sag detection relay on the market that take into account of both essential parameters in a voltage sag event ”V level and duration.  By using two groups of programmable settings, VSDR can be customized into two groups of independent set points to deal with two different voltage sag levels and durations according to customer”¦s requirement.


Half-Cycle Detection

Different with most of the under-voltage detection relays in the market, the fully digitized VSDR contains no analogue trimmer for adjusting the settings, therefore can accurately detect any voltage sag event up to half cycle without drifting problem due to ambient issues (e.g. temperature). Besides, with such a fast respond time, vital and sensitive equipment can gain more time to react to the operational requirement under voltage sag event.


Typical Application

For that equipment, which does not comply with voltage sag immunity standards, will easily lock-up itself under voltage sag event and require manual reset.  By using VSDR, any voltage sag event beyond any set point of VSDR will trigger the VSDR”¦s build-in alarm contacts to operate.  This alarm contacts can be used to incorporate with the control circuit for auto-shutdown or auto-reset the equipment after the voltage sag event and it can prevent the equipment from being locked-up.

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