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VSD Ride-Thru Controller - DCBRC

Adding a Model DCBRC-RT to any fixed bus inverter makes it surpass SEMI-47 compliancy specifications. Adding Electrolytic or Ultra capacitor storage reservoirs will allow meeting up to 5 seconds of outage specification. Adding a battery energy storage reservoir and charger to Model DCBRC-BR allows the system to meet outage specifications of 15 seconds to 15 minutes or longer.

For applications with SEMI-47 or 50% sag specification DCBRC-RT is the most cost effective solution for holding up a fixed bus inverter. For 100% outage applications the DCBRC-RT becomes an energy reservoir voltage regulator. When using a DCBRC-RT to regulate an energy storage bank for applications under 5 seconds outage, electrolytic capacitor banks can are cost effective. For applications between .5 to 5 seconds Ultra capacitors could be used. For applications between 5 seconds and 15 minutes Batteries must be considered.

The majority of AC line voltage fluctuations that occur in three-phase distribution systems have a magnitude (decrease from nominal voltage ) of less than 50% and duration of less than 2 seconds. the model DCBRC-RT DC RIDE-Thru Control module provides sufficient ride through capability to handle these types of voltage sags. However, 100% power outages can still occur, and even one such instance can be costly. For the reason, the DCBRC-BR (Battery Ride- Thru) and DCBRC-CR (Capacitor Rude-Thru) series of Full Outage DC Bus Rude- Thru Modules incorporate additional Bus Support Modules (BSMs) with the base DCBRC-RT Controller module. These BSMs, which can be battery banks or capacitive energy reservoirs, allow the RTM to supply DC bus power to the inverter during total outages of a predetermined duration, in addition to its normal sag protection, to allow sufficient time for auxiliary power systems to engage before shutdown occurs. Or, it may allow the drive system to ride through occurs. Or, it may allow the drive system to ride through the outage completely thus avoiding the problems associated with other power supply backup methods.


  • Lower cost

  • Smaller footprint

  • Fusing included

  • Connects to most drives

  • Makes drive SEMI-47 compliant

  • 100% outage capability with add on storage

  • Sag activity counter for PQ monitoring option

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