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AIM Active Harmonic Filters - AHF

The Power Quality issue is becoming increasingly important to electrical utilities as well as to individual customers. Energy conservation efforts and the need for continuous control of certain industrial processes have led to an increase of electronic equipment and motor drives.

Process automation involving the extensive use of electronic and digital control systems has become common in modern industrial plants.

Poor voltage waveforms, due for instance to harmonics or transients can lead to unnecessary and costly disruptions in production and equipment failure.

PQ center's AIM Active Harmonic Current cancellation technology is the world leader in electronic current control.

  • Modular design, easy to extend

  • Up to 51st harmonic

  • Up to 12 harmonic orders selective individually

  • Close / Open Loop Control

  • Programmable power factor correction

  • Full-time DSP Control system

  • Easy selection

  • Shunt connection, easy for maintenance

  • Flexible Up-grading / Redundancy

  • Parallel operated in different capacity

  • User-friendly control panel


Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) is a proven technology to compensate harmonic current and protect equipment from damage due to harmonic voltage and current distortion.  AIM filters are the most technically advanced and effective solution in reducing the total harmonic current distortion to below 5%, in line with IEEE 519 (1992) harmonics standard.

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